Monday, December 2, 2013

Eva Lovisa Design Portfolio online

Greetings folks!
As some know, I have a great wife.
As fewer may know, she is a designer wife. She works with web / interactive design, branding, identity, and the list continues. She's darn good.
As even fewer may know, I have started a career path/journey in web development.
Eva designed a new website and I implemented it in code, which is to say developed it.
It is now LIVE at an internet near you!

I've spent the past number of months really diving into the development waters and learning to swim. This is why this blog has seen even fewer updates than before.
I'm not closing my shop door, but am currently not starting any spec furniture pieces. I am fully prepared and welcome commissions (and likely some pieces for the home/Eva).

Things will continue to change around here. I am not turning this into a dev blog, but someday down the road will move it to be a part of my combined professional personality site.

So, don't have a furniture need but do have some design / web needs? We can help you out!