Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bremer Cabinet: Picking Up

Hey folks. I'm a bit behind on sharing this project, so I'm going to make basically a photo reel post to catch up!

Above we have some cabinet side doweling.

Then top and bottom doweling.

Once the carcass is dry-fit with some dowels, trim up the back to be flush and flat.
Here I'm using my lovely chair-scrape because the cabinet scraper was too clumsy for edge work.

Once the back was trimmed, I went to the router table to rough out a rebate for the back panel. Clean up the meeting of side and top/bottom with chisels.

Looks like I forgot to take a pic of shaping the top/bottom edges.
Then I made little slots or dados for partition splines. Pictured is for the drawer pocket vertical partition. I used the router table to make the dados in the sides for a horizontal partition.

Made mortises for the flipper-floppers. Small pilot hole for a screw and larger hole for a spring.

Mustn't forget holes for the levelers.

All the while, work on the doors was going on as well.
Here I'm trimming some "bake-ins" on the door substrates.

Assembling pieces of veneer for the doors.

"Pressing" the veneer to the door substrates.

Once out of the press, I worked some angles with the door edges.

And wrapping up with a little leg mock-up because I'm waiting for the mail to give me the hinges I need to get to pre-finishing the carcass!