Sunday, November 16, 2008

On a Curve

This week continued work on box wall prep. Pictured above is rough shaping to the outside of the box sides. I started out taking heavier shavings with my smooth plane and as I got close to the shape desired I backed off the cuts little by little to smooth out the major facets.

Here is the part I've been working for. Finally getting the sides to shape I can get into the major joiner of the piece... the tapperd-curved dovetails!

Taking my time to get it right it took me 2 days to mark, saw, chop, and pare the pins. Although the pins need to be well prepared for the tails to meet properly, the pins are the "easy" part. Getting a tight fit with tails to meet each corner is going to be a challenge especially knowing that I have a limited amount of material that took a lot of work to get them, well workable for this project.
I hope to have the completed set of joints done by the end of the week. The I can get back into the creative side and more thoroughly mock up a lid. Also i will be faced with some problem solving to figure out how to get the various procedures done on the curved sides to except a bottom panel and the lid.

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