Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cabinet teaser!

Ah there he/she is. The project is pretty much done. The stand and cabinet are all put together, fits have been tuned, dings addressed, door hung, drawers in and all that. I am just waiting for the glass shelves to come. "Sorry" for the teaser but I enjoy an element of surprise or a full show. The sides may look kind of gaping without the shelves; I don't want to "show" the piece until it is complete as intended... You always hear things like "well why isn't there anything there?", "that space looks weird", "why is it like that?" and such. Then when you do get it done there's the ever popular "OH, I get it now" reaction... which I might be guilty of on one or two occasions.

Just finished up the Consoles in Boxwood (thanks Robert!). The box wood is pretty nice to carve. It's hard and cuts well as long as your with the grain. It's a bit yellow though. Hopefully it will dull to that more golden tone quickly.
By the way these little guys are what hold the shelves up.

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Nick Brygidyr said...

not fair! hope you put up pictures of your sexy cabinet along with everyone else's work! I'm really curious what this year's class has been up to!

good luck!