Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shop Shots

Yay... Though not quite everything is in order I figure it's about time for the tour.
First off of course is the bench and "tool wall". The wall has some open spaces in it for later additions.

The sharpening station is not quite ready yet... and the space above it I'm thinking either a book shelf or chalk/white board of sorts. Then off in the nook is storage for all sorts of whatnot including cut-off up to 39" long on the bottom and smaller ones up top.

Bar clamp rack next to the assembly table... space for more clamps...

My drum set in the corner which I built a while back. Storage above for templates, mock-ups, whatever I wont use a whole lot but don't want to get rid of just yet. Then the empty wall for more wood storage. As I collect more wood I plan for the more special pieces to keep me company in here (at least the ones that aren't over 8' long). There is more room for wood elsewhere too.

Here peeking in the "machine room". The was the original shop space of my father's. If I had reign to this space it would be different but I'm lucky to have it available. For now I have access to a small drill press, 13" portable planer, and ... p.o.s. table saw in this pic.

To the right of the last shot. 14" band saw (8" re-saw) and 8" jointer.

And here is the "over-flow" sharing a wall with the bench room. Router table that isn't quite ready yet, Davis and Wells boring machine! and 15" lathe which I had got a while back for drum building.
So there is a quick tour of the work space in progress. It's not a dream shop but I'm glad I have a space that I can do some work in.
On that note, back to woodworking coming soon!!!


Nick Brygidyr said...

haha i'm loving the nature scene over the tablesaw. looks like you've made yourself a nice spot! i cant wait to see what you've got cookin'!

jbreau said...

that is a pretty spot.

brad said...

Hey man, looks R A D rad. Your busyness is inspiring.Nice to see somebody getting it done.

I will return the shop tour in six months. See you then