Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pedestal Assembly

Assembly has been going pretty well. These are a bit more awkward to handle because of the long legs but I managed to get it done without banging anything up.

This time I decided to got with a different method of attaching the tops, doweling. A scrap piece of sheet-stock serves as a doweling template. I think from now on the side tables are going to get dowels for the table top too. The coffee tables I'm thinking will get brackets because they are much bigger; perhaps being able to take the top off would be advantageous for transportation.

The Cherry and AD Walnut clamped up. The KD Walnut is taking longer because of the oil finish. it'll be another week before I get that one together. However all these to need are top panels fit, finished, and stuck into place... then a final look over. So close!
On that note... I have hopefully remedied my Oak problem. I ended up calling around a little bit and getting more frustrated. I finally said screw it and take another look at the main local hardwood yard (Youngblood for those who may around the area). New stock came in sense the last time I was in there. Randomly there were two rift-ish planks in the quartered pile and I took a couple flat sawn boards that have a bit of rift on the sides. The planks are not perfect color matches nor grain matched but here's hoping it will work out!

Upon completion of a project I like/need to take a day off and I like to invite a friend or so over to take a look and have a little drink. Some think that wine is appropriate, and they would be correct, I however like beer :). Another beverage craft. I think I just have beverage "vices" tea, coffee, and beer. I love them all though coffee and beer more sparingly than tea ;).
Winter is my favorite beer season. That's went all sorts of Porters, Stouts, and other "big" beers comes to taps, stores, and tables. One of the few things the Midwest has going on is some great beer.
I was told the other day that Minneapolis/St. Paul is the drinkingest city in the country ha! I don't drink a lot, it's more about flavor, exploration, and interest in others crafting for me. We don't actually have that many breweries here in MN though. Lucky for me there IS one award wining brew pub and a pretty new specialty beer store owned and run by an acquaintance of mine who used to run a bike shop.

This is a pic from Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis. This pub brews there own award wining beer and are constantly changing their seasonal selection. A new one is put out probably every 2 weeks and they generally have 4 to 5 of their seasonals on hand at any time! It's a pretty mellow atmosphere with old tiled floors, brick walls, and carved wood trim. The brew site is separated by glass walls for all to see across from dinning tables, a pool table, dart boards and a small fire place.
Not a bad place to sit back and talk the talk with some friends.


Daisuke Tanaka said...

I'll go to the pub in summer, looks good.

jbreau said...

did you really use sheet rock as a doweling template, or did i read that wrong?
any of those suckers have a home yet?

Nick Brygidyr said...

haha i think we have to hang out sometime man. i LOVE coffee and awesome beer. there's a place in town called Dieu Du Ciel, which kinda means oh my god! oh my god indeed. they have wacked cherry beer and chocolate stout and stuff, they even made a smoked salmon porter once..

if you ever wanna visit the great white north, come to montreal and we'll get hammered and cut wood to isis!

Nicholas Nelson said...

Yes, it is pretty good but probably not worth a 2,000+ mile trip on its own. HOWEVER there is a place in Salmon Arm B.C. about 5 hours away from Vancouver? that I might take a trip to whenever I'm back around. It's called Barely Station. Great beer, great food, nicer than average pub atmosphere. It's the only good beer I've had in Canada ha.

Ha ha no it's not sheet ROCK it's sheet Stock. In this case some scrap 3/4" lumber core.
Naw they aren't in any galleries yet... soon though... soon.

I wish I knew someone with a Chocolate Stout year-round! One of the last seasonals at Town Hall I had was a cold press coffee and raw dark chocolate ale. I usually don't like coffee beers but this was delicious.
Smoked Salmon Porter??? What was that like? Sounds a little iffy to me heh.

Nick Brygidyr said...

haha i donno i didnt have it, i just saw it on the old beer list. i heard it was kinda disgusting.