Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Tool, of sorts

My new tool, a camera heh. I've been planning to get a DSLR for some time but have been holding off a) for the right time, b) just in case there would be any new offerings. With the completion of the table "range" coming it was about time I finally take the plunge with a new camera. I have been hoping to be able to do my own product photography, unless I decided I need something professionally shot. The cost of professional photography is not cheap. One session alone may very well pay for this camera.
It is not the latest or greatest but for the price it is probably the best value. Also though I have taken some courses I have never majored in photography, it would be a bit silly for me to go all out. The Canon 450D aka Rebel xsi. Waiting paid off as I found this guy on craigs list "new in box" for the same price range people were buying these used.
I'm planing on using some 70s Olympus lenses I have access to that I have used with the Olympus OM-1 I've shot with in the past. The lens adapter is ordered and I'm playing the waiting game :) .

I seemed to have developed a bit of an affinity with pottery. I don't know quite when it started but that doesn't much matter ;)
I have also recently found a specifically ceramics gallery in Minneapolis where my eye caught this lovely little piece.

A small bowl by Andrea Leila Denecke of Scandia, MN. I have not met the crafter though I should like to. The under-side of this piece is what really grabbed my attention. A brushed "wash" of slip with evidence of brush strokes, variation in tone and colors due to the firing, an extra "splash" of glaze left to chance.
The thickness is nicely balanced, subtle traces of finger lines, quiet complexity in color variation... No where near perfect regulation yet no where near chaos, it does not feel manufactured but part human, part spontaneous "occurrence".
Pieces like this one embody a number of concepts that just aren't too conductive to furniture making. Processes and topics that I find fascinating and inspiring.
Someday I might like to take a class in pottery but for now I am pleased with the idea of making a small "collection" and living with pieces of beauty of other craftspeople and perhaps giving some away later on for others to enjoy :) .

All right, back to wood working. I have not been able to spend the time I would like in the shop lately because I have been on the job more than normal :/ . Today I made some good progress on the base joinery... in fact, it's done! ha
Pictured above: fitting "floating tenons"... there needs to be a better name for this joint. "floating" or "loose" tenons don't quite sound right when the joint is done well hmmm.

Dry fitting and mocking up to contemplate any minor changes. You will notice that the coffee tables don't have as many stretchers as the other tables... I took a look in the mock up and it simply looked cluttered and dumb with four stretchers. I just beefed up the long aprons in thickness and width. I would say it is still not technically as strong but unless someone is planing on using this table as a very poor trampoline, one needn't worry. It will still be stronger than "need" be.

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Nick Brygidyr said...

sweet camera dude, im thinking of picking up one of those soon as well!

i think i need a few days off from the cabinet, i bought the wrong guage pins for the glass...effed up the shelf pins, i mean like making stupid mistakes. UGH.