Thursday, September 29, 2011

Continue Moving

After the last photography shoot and working over the weekend at the part-time, I actually took a day easy. Ha. Did some domestic cleaning which felt good, and started on some shop cleaning. I still haven't cleared out as much as I would like but I need some more nice nights for scrap wood fires heh.
I finally got around to quickly making an abrasive "storage unit". Certainly not fancy but it does the trick.
Also I'm attempting to re-purpose a "parts bin" I had from long ago, now for screws and such. Haven't been able to tidy my shop shelves O'stuff really cleanly hmmm.

Thought I might make some coasters for the desk and such. For the moment this is what my years of training and dedication culminate to ha.

And already getting into the next project it seems. I was wanting to start off at "the drawing board" but felt I was working with too many variables. That the brain power and time spent drawing would be a waste without some important basic information.
Information such as geometry. Heights, depths, angles and so forth. In dealing with seating the basics aren't as open as say a cabinet might be.
Threw together this "mock-up" able to change all that and started test sitting. Went to the foam supply store to get an idea what to expect with cushions and tried to work that into the mock-up.

Got the geometry approved and it's back to the drawing board, or bench.
Next is making a full scale drawing marking the critical dimensions and making some cut-outs of legs and such to fiddle around with over the main geometry.
In addition I'm needing to do some research for knock-down fasteners. I haven't started looking yet but if anyone has a/some decent sources it would be great to be pointed in a good direction!


Nick Brygidyr said...

ive been thinking chair too last mock up got tossed into the dumpster heh. chairs just seem so alien to me.

Matt Petersen said...

Have been playing around with a chair design myself. If you haven't already seen or got a copy of the book "Danish Chairs" by Noritsugu Oda, I highly recommend it as a resource for ideas. I have been scanning some the designs I like and scaling the photos to determine the dimensions, seat/back angles etc. trying to determine a "sweet spot" for my design. Thinking I may steal your mock-up approach for final fine tuning. Looking forward to following this project.

Matt Petersen said...

Google "knock down hardware" for the usual suspect sources

Nicholas Nelson said...

Yeah, seating is quite a bit different than cabinets and tables.
I have seen that book. I would like a copy though I did "scan" the pages I wanted to add to my visual references.
Oh there is no stealing involved. There are a number of pretty sophisticated "mock up jigs" that I've seen for seating. Mine is pretty bare bones.
I did find something that I think can work for my fastener dilemma. Perhaps I'll share in the next post.