Monday, January 2, 2012

On the Road and Back Again

This past week I had time off between jobs and Eva was on vacation. We decided to make it more of a vacation by jumping on a road trip. Without time to really devote to any particular place we decided to make a little over view of a a few places in Oregon, and whatever else along the way. As I called it, "pretty much a long Sunday drive". Met up with one Jason Herrick in Portland, a helpful guy and great character, thanks again Jason!
Pictured above, making way to the Rockies through Montana, beautiful.
This was also a kind of first step in the physical in search of a possible future.
We are both difficult to please in terms of an ideal location. Wanting a bit of isolation and scenery yet proximity to potential places of work/clients both in woodworking for me and design for Eva, all without the bitter winter we see in the Minneapolis area.
It seems the more I've traveled around the more I can appreciate what the Twin Cities has going for it, though I do like to gripe over a few things.

 Road-trip dinner ;).

Welp we're back and trying to get back to reality ha.
I did miss my shop. I got a little time today to put the last coat of pre-finish on some frame parts and start the leg to stretcher assembly of the sofa.
Tomorrow I start the new job bright and early. Here's hoping things work out!


Craig ― Studio Tupla said...
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Craig said...

Looking forward to hearing about the new J-O-B. I'm sure it'll go well. After such a nice drive across big sky country, you should be ready for anything.
Good luck!