Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time Squeeze

Greetings folks, it has been a while. In the past month plus I have had plenty of work on my plate, little of which is/was wood work unfortunately. I haven't gotten much, but I was able to squeeze a little shop time in on the whisk(e)y cabinet.

I know this photo is difficult to extrapolate but it is in fact part of the vertical partition on the interior of the cabinet. This is the front few inches of said partition which will be only a couple inches high opposed the the rest which goes to the top of the cabinet. The reason I cut it apart was that I wanted to add a curving transition to the main partition, you can see the applied edge being glued on the curved side. Though it may sound complicated, this was the best way I found to achieve my goal.

While the partition was being glued back together I got on to door frame joinery, always something I get a little tense about. I'm glad that part is done and came out well.

Also I got to the last veneer pressing, at least for the carcass of the project. I have yet to decide if the door panels are going to be solid or veneered.

Another part that I tend to get hesitant about is making mortises for the little bits like flipper-floppers, hinges, levelers and such. If you slip up, it is often difficult to cleanly come back from!

One of the non-shop-time projects I've had (though this one is woodworking related) asked me to provide a head and shoulders portrait. Thinking about going with this charming number. Yes?

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