Sunday, October 28, 2012

Liquor Cabinet Photos

Finally. Delayed, but as promised here are some photos of the finished Liquor Cabinet.
Walnut, Oak, "Negro Laurel"


Jeff Branch said...

Beautiful work. I really like the wood you used and the design is handsome.

csd_jr said...

Bravo, Nicholas! I love the walnut and oak combo. And a nice touch with the divider and drawer. But you need a photo of it fully stocked with your favorite selections!

Craig said...

Congratulations Nick! Beautiful work, as always. ― Craig

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks for using the word handsome. Perhaps it's obvious but I was going for a more masculine design.

Haha yes but fully stocked, you couldn't really see the inside. Also I don't think I can afford to have all my favorites in there at once!

Thanks for the comments gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

Sharp work Nick, well done! Kinda gave me the hankerin for a nice single malt as I was looking at the photos. I like the negative space in the door panels too.

Thanks for the updates.

Kv0nT said...

How did you finish this piece? Just oil? The oak looks completely unfinished.