Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Addition, Little Kitty

A little over a year ago, Eva convinced me to go along with welcoming a furry friend in the household. One problem was that she hardly knew what cats look like. Lucky for her, I have been familiar with them.

Meet Howard Montgomery. He is a male Champagne Burmese who happens to be a Tonkinese outcross. We just got him home a week ago at about 4 months old. By the looks of it he'll grow up to be a handsome cat. I hope we can train him in furniture conduct. One can understand why I may be particularly sensitive to the issue!

If you have ever been in the market, you may know there is not an abundance of "clean" looking cat furniture. I spent a little effort in putting something together that may work with the Scandinavian sort of thing we have going on. Hopefully he will use it.
Don't worry, it's tied into the wall under the second platform.

Eva is pretty happy about her miniature heated blanket, and Howard seems to feel the same about his heated bed.


Barb Shelton said...

Pretty darn cute!

Jeff Branch said...

Beautiful cat. You are right to be concerned about your furniture, althought our cat tends to damage upholstery exclusively. The cat tree is pretty cool, as cat trees go. :)