Monday, November 11, 2013

Bremer Cabinet - a Start

Hello, it has sadly been a few months since last time!
This new project is one that has been in the air for a few months but have just got a real start on it.
This is a project for some good friends and their new addition to the family.

The Bremers were passed down a rocking chair that, I believe, Grandpa Bremer had been rocked in.
The chair was made in Red Oak and included scroll-ish design. They desire a table to go along side it that also acted as a storage piece.
What we've come to is a sort of genre bending cabinet.
It will be about 28" tall. Taller than a typical side-table but significantly lower that I would typically make a vertical storage cabinet.

It will have a bowed front and sides, also include probably a pair of drawers.

I chanced upon some Hickory aka Pecan. There were a few boards of nice clear planks, particularly clean for the species. Unfortunately all that was available was 4/4" stock, and not enough of the same selection for the whole cabinet. I picked up two more boards of a different nature that I thought matched.
Turns out they did not match each other. I had wanted to make solid doors, but looks like I am again forced into veneering the doors.
As I understand the names Hickory and Pecan are associated with different characteristics of the wood. "Hickory" being a more uniform "plain" variety and "Pecan" having more variation and contrast. In that case you could say that the carcass will be "Hickory" and the doors will be "Pecan."
Whatever the case may be I hope they look good together.

The pink tones in the Hickory should make it a compliment to the Red Oak chair. I think I will use some Red Oak for the little stand if I can find a nicely red piece.

Before I went to cutting veneer, I glued up a blank for my bending form. Hoorah!


SGI said...


Great to see that you're back to posting again. Looking forward to following along on this build.


Anonymous said...

Me too, glad to see you online again.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thank you gentlemen!
I'm happy to have a thoughtful and refined project to work on again!

csd_jr said...

Nick, very interesting piece you have going on! I have quite a bit of pretty clear Hickory my Dad sawed up about 5 years back. Pecan/Hickory almost always seems to have the dark striations that I'm not usually fond of, but the stuff I have has a lighter, more consistent 'yellow' color with some nice, subtle undertones of pink and tan. Good luck on the new project!