Sunday, January 25, 2009

Short One

Hmm I don't feel that I accomplished all too much this week. A lot of sitting and waiting. Waiting for the long lines at the machines and waiting for glue to dry. I'm learning that with veneered projects it really helps to have a VERY close idea, nay, plan of what what is doing. Meaning pretty much exact dimensions, lines, curves, weights etc...
This piece is not a good example of planing. It wasn't meant to be. I wanted this piece to speak as much for itself as I could for it. A mock-up in Poplar can tell you a fair deal but it can't show you the exact graphics, colors, and therefore weights of the "real deal". Almost always things change from mock-up to finished product, sometimes the changes are small sometimes larger. I didn't want to chose the location of the vertical cabinet members before I had the complete top and bottom. Therefore I don't know what angle the sides are to be so I also don't know what angle each side pieces needs on the inside to get the interior space parallel thereby not knowing how thick the substrate needs to be to achieve those angles. So yes, I need to put together the top and bottom before I can move on. However I needed to get pretty finalized with the leg dimensions before before I could get the horizontal pieces together because the legs will protrude through them.
So I did that, I guess I didn't take any photos of the legs... Well they are just poplar still. I will when they are the real thing!

To the picture above. I knew plywood wasn't going to chisel well but I underestimated it's non-workability. So I put the Elm bake-ins on first, then paired them to make the corners square.

Once the first set of bake-ins were stuck and trimmed I got the mating egde of the second bake-ins with block plane and shooting board. Also funny angles means funny looking cauls just to get the clamps to work.

Here are the bake-ins mated and trimed with lined-up grain. This piece went in the press with the veneer at the end of the day. Hopefully it will emerge as one!

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Nick Brygidyr said...

Sounds like you took on some intense project there!

As did i...curved drawer fronts will be the death of me.

i suspect im making a small dovetailed box after this one...aha

keep up the intensely meticulous work nick!