Sunday, February 8, 2009


Progress is happening, but slowly. I can measure it by beard as I haven't groomed my face since I got the main substrate together... I think.
Here are the substrates for the main vertical pieces. Since they are shaped I'm using lumber-core. Glue up a bunch of slats orient the grain so that pieces opposite of their neighbors, and put a cross-band of veneer over them AFTER shaping and they you go. Easier said than done of course.

This would be the form for the back panel(s) before shaping.

Drawer partition substrate to get a thickness I fell was right I had to modify the 1/8" 3-ply that we had with 2 more plys. Though after Ian's mentioning I'm now considering doing web frames instead. Hmmm.

This is basically what I have so far. The main surfaces have been veneered, received bake-ins, and applied edges on the front and back. The vertical members have been shaped, veneered, and currently have applied edges as well. The panel underneath was made with 3 layers of 1/8 plywood. Then there is the Euro Cherry leg stock taken down to pre hand work thickness and width.


Nick Brygidyr said...

get this can mix ply-wood and lumber-core together in the same project?

I've always wondered if you could...lets say you were making a concave display cabinet but veneered, i guess kinda like what you're doing. Awesome stuff, i've got to get my cabinet done so i can get all these other ideas of mine out there!

na.nelson said...

I was wondering the same thing. Robert didn't have a problem with it though it does seem a bit... different.
The lumber core is made of of rift to quarter-sawn slats that oppose each other then cross banded on both side with grain going horizontal to the vertical lumber. It sounds pretty solid and I hope it is!

jbreau said...

jeez, looks good nick. are you going to get it all done before i show up? i always love the photos of the parts piles and then, whoop, there's some furniture.

na.nelson said...

Heh it depends on when you're coming. Sometime in May? I would hope so! Though the chair that I had been wanting to do I'm having second thoughts about jumping into.


Do it Nick! Don't give up on me.

JZM said...

Can you please educate me on what baked-in edges are?

Thanks, JM