Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Concave front drawers

Dove tails have returned! I know I haven't updated in a bit due to solitude in my dove tail cave (in the coziest sense, you know a nice little fire to curl up next to, shelter from the world around you...). This time the front is curved, the joints themselves will not be curved but at angles.

Off the bat, or saw in this case, I noticed a boost in my sensory ability since last I was cutting these guys. My kerfs were straighter and closer to my lines making pairing an easier task.

More chopping blocks. These curved parts I had to hold my stock while shaping them, here they serve another purpose. I also had to make 2 angled chopping blocks one for the right side and one for the left because the come in at different angles.

Pins done.

This is a set of tales on my biggest drawer, about 3" tall. The chisel there is 1/16". I am surprised by how much I use this tool.

Drawer bottoms of Japanese Maple on the go. Thanks Dan!!! It is beautiful stuff and goes very well with the piece.

Fast forward a bit as my camera battery died :( but here are the drawers from the back fit without the bottoms. Once the bottoms are made and put it the drawers will need some fine tuning.

OK! this was a brief one but at least it's here!

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Nick Brygidyr said...

thing's sure are coming along! you're almost done! the final product will be mighty bitchin' im sure!