Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo Reel

It's been a little while since the last Elm Cabinet Update. So here's a quick "photo journal" of what's been going on.

Yes, dowel crazy. Does it need that much? Probably not, but it's not going to hurt!

I glued in the back panel at the same time as the the top because I have no horizontal rebates for it to sit in. It could be fit after the doweling but it would be pretty tricky and you only get one shot at it. It made more sense to cut the back to height at the same time as the sides then just fit it along it's width.

I miss the stage so I do what I can with the available lighting to make it more dramatic or powerful?

Fit Partitions, Check.

Early in the week I took a lovely day in Vancouver where I met up with an artisan alumni and friend of the school, Dan. He has lots of small-ish planks of wood in his shop(s{house[property/neighbor's property\]}). As I understand almost all of it is locally felled within the city! Here is some Maple, and Japanese Maple for drawer sides and bottoms. What a guy! Thanks Dan!!!

Lamination for front and back aprons Check.

And finally here is the door in the press applying the veneer with aid of a Poplar form. The for is quit over-sized because it was what I used for the back panels. I happened to find a good fit of curve on the SAME form! Good thing I checked before I went ahead and cut it up to make a new one!

Things are progressing thought I have a strange combination of feeling like I've been taking it easy and getting work done...
mixed in with this work I have been making some "drawings" for a chair hopefully to come. More on that later!

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jbreau said...

hey nick, have you heard any talk about fitting drawers with let go on the vertical instead of widthwise? jason klager was telling me that it's an ancient japanesse secret. i was wondering if you could ask daisuke and yosuke if they ever heard of it. thanks.