Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sanding & details

Alright, I'm back. I took a couple days off to visit friends in Milwaukee and catch a "concert" outside of Chicago. I have still been working mainly sanding though. Not too exciting to talk about or show. The Kwila I could plane then just hit with 1000 grit, the Shedua I needed to scrape then start at 400 grit on up to 1000.
After these sets of tables I don't think I'm going to do any "speculative production" in feature woods I can't plane. Sanding takes so long, around 3 times longer! It's not just the surfaces that need to be sanded. I had to scrape and sand all the edge treatments (except end grain with files). There are a lot of edges on these tables!
If some one asks for a couple tables in, lets say Orange Doussie, sure awesome! As long as they understand it takes extra labor hours and are will to pay for them, that's great.

After sanding all the surfaces I was finally able to work on some edge details like these. These connection points of the frames really float my boat heh. I think they are interesting while being simple.

It's been a long time coming, pre-finishing. I'm using orange shellac on the Kwila and for the Shedua I have used orange for the first coat to help the brown out a bit and the rest will be bleached shellac as I don't want it to get too dark.
There is still work to do after I get these pieces assembled but I'm over the hill.


Nick Brygidyr said...

glad to see you're almost at the finish line. i hear you on the sanding, i hate it so so much, but yet i sand all my projects, at least with 400 or 600 right before finishing just to get the dirt off and to even things out a little. i know im evil arent i? sanding..

im actually coming down with the oink oink flu(well i hope not at least) and my cabinet is a pile of dusty parts by now...dusty curved parts.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Oh no! I'm glad I haven't caught anything yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. I almost always get sick in Dec/Jan.
Well hopefully you'll get well soon and get back at that curved cabinet!