Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coffee Tables, Planes, and a New Mockery

Welp here's the teaser. I'm still waiting on glass for the Oak table. What I have ended up working out is having a place cut the top for me, before sending it to the get tempered I will come by and check it out, if they need to grind some off, then they will, if it is too small then I'm s.o.l. and need to pay for more to try again but at least I wont be down the extra $60 for tempering...
I don't really understand why this is the "solution" as opposed to someone committing to doing a good job, but it's what I have to work with :/

I've had some blanks milled for plane sitting around for a while, now I can get to them.
I'm making a 1-3/4" coopering plane and a new smoother.

Square that ramp! This yellow-orange guy was marked as "Burmese Rosewood", I don't know what it ACTUALLY is but it's heavy, hard, and pretty nice looking.

Routing clearance for the chip breaker screw-cap. This one is Vera ... "Essence of Juan"

Vanity Cabinet mock-up. It didn't take me too long to come to this stage. Not EVERY thing is accounted for in the mock up, but I feel I have a good notion of the details in my head.

The doors will be curved, curved sides, curved drawer fronts all in Pear I got from Gilmer.
I was a little apprehensive as this mock-up didn't take as long as ones before. I have been thinking about this sense December and it's mainly surfaces, not overly complicated I suppose.
I know I'll fry my brains when I get to pulls and such what though gah!


Grover said...

They look great. Can't wait to see more of your projects.


Nick Brygidyr said...

woah, your "mock-up" looks like a finished project! you are nuts my friend!

I had a weird dream of Shedual the other night. The wood had roses already carved into the it was the grain itself haha, if only!

Nicholas Nelson said...

Yeah I'm not so keen on paper mock ups... Don't know why. I might use paper to help find a curve but then I like seeing the thicknesses of components. Well maybe there's no reasoning beyond just feeling more comfortable with it.
Oh and believe me it's no "finished piece" HA there isn't even a single dowel in there.