Sunday, April 18, 2010


What do you get with crappy lights and a backdrop that isn't the intended color? ... Not quite what I was hoping for.
Buuuut I am at the end of my rope and the photos will do.
I took a ton of shots, here are a few... enjoy!

The backdrop is too close to the Oak and the Unryu really didn't photograph well... this one needs to be seen in person.

Still working on website, portfolio, and the Vanity Cabinet!


Matthias Wandel said...


Was just browsing through your entire blog back to the beginning. Enjoy the writing style, though I have to admit I didn't read all of it. I did add a link to your blog to my links page at

I guess you sell a lot of these end tables?


Nick Brygidyr said...

you're too hard on yourself, the pictures look great and those tables are sensual!

im going effing bananas with this table im working on...fitting that key is by far the biggest pain in the ass ever.

are you gonna be in toronto in june? i'll prolly come by to check out the show

David said...

Great work, good photos... but to much negative toughts!! Think positive man!

Nicholas Nelson said...

Ha thanks guys.
Negative heh I don't know... I have high expectations and am adamantly for truthfulness in representation. Particularly in a business setting.
Spending time and money on things one didn't agree to doesn't go down so well with me... such as misrepresented lights and backdrop.

Thanks Matthias! ha I actually haven't sold any yet. No one has seen them, that's what I'm working on :)

Thanks Nick B I hope to be in Toronto in June (bring me some awesome beer heh), I'm starting to get worried about the timing of my Pear cabinet :/
I haven't gotten to read about your key yet, I need to check that out.

And thanks David, I don't always mean as much "harm" as may sound... the Midwest is very sarcastic and I tend to add a dose of dark humor too heh.
Ha I toured with a Canadian band once and they did NOT get sarcasm at all. They got a hang of it by the end :)

Tom Fidgen said...

these look fantastic-

well done!
we're all our own worst critic.

keep well and I hope you sell dozens of them.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks Tom!
You're right about the self criticism.
Usually once I step away from a project for a while I can appreciate it more. It's sometimes difficult not to get... emotional in this kind of work heh.