Saturday, October 2, 2010

Carcass glue-up

There seems to be a spread of the common cold here. Early fall seems a strange time for it to happen. Well it has caught me too and put me out of commission for a couple days. I figure I can at least make a quick post.Pre-finishing done it's time to assemble. The first glue-up was a bit hairy. I glued the sides to the bottom. GET SOMEONE TO HELP YOU with these glue-ups! With 13 dowels per side it was a bit much for one person I think. By the time I got the glue in all the holes, spread in the holes, and dowels bottomed out in one side swelling due to water absorption had taken place... Not to mention some initial setting of the glue probably. The sides were getting locked up not quite home. In the end it turned out fine but it was scary!
The second glue-up (top to sides) I enlisted the help of my Father. He didn't even need to do much. I put glue in the holes and he spread it in the holes. I did the rest of the work. That extra speed made a world of difference though! Nice and easy it went.

Finally turned my attention to the doors again. The sticks to hold glass have been fit, except for the mullion placement. Speaking of,  got to the mullions themselves (little wooden sticks that divide glass) shown above.

There they are, chopped and fit into place.
There are a lot of "sticks" going on in this piece. I hope when all is said and done it wont be too much. Ah, I'm sure it wont, it's just a bit different seeing this kind of piece come together versus one using a lot of surfaces.


SGI said...

Looking Good Nick,

Really like the curve in the top rail of the door frames. I just finished my basement, complete with a couple of built ins, looking forward to get some less labour intensive shop time.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thank you Sir.
Heh well I wouldn't say that fine work is any less labor intensive, just different kinds of labor ;)
Any plans?