Friday, October 8, 2010


Veneering was going well for the back panel until... A BUBBLE in the veneer of the rear side of the back panel!!! >:/ (outlined in pencil).
I thought I thoroughly rolled glue on. The other side is fine. My veneer "press" set-ups haven't failed me before... Hmm.
Being a bit flustered I wasn't coming up with great ideas as to what to do. I called for help heh. I got a hold of one Mr. Jason Dingess a friend and classmate of mine who stayed on for a second year, so he was probably more fresh on such topics ;). Got a couple ideas talking with him and picked a plan.
Sometimes with these happens you just have to dive in and avoid the crushing loop of "oh my gosh, I can't believe I screwed up, what the hell am I going to do, what did I do wrong, can I fix this, how do I fix this, what am I doing..."
While I was in school bubbles happened to two students. Both took different approaches.

I chose the "diamond" plug. Hard Maple and other such smooth dense woods are not always the best wood to be doing this kind of thing with and joinery is less forgiving that in more porous woods. I figured I'd give this a shot, if it didn't work out I had a back-up plan.
cut out a rather elongated diamond to avoid harsh end grain joinery. Now, this just looked freaky to me. Just plain wrong. I liken it to cutting out a 1/16" deep diamond out of your flesh.
I had extra veneer so I took the "plug" from about the same spot in the veneer.
I used very thinned white glue in the bottle to help get the glue underneath the veneer filling the bubble. Put the plug in and clamped.

Here is the same spot after surface prep. The pencils mark the tips of the diamond. Not too shabby. It'll work for me.

Moved on the pre-finishing the back panel and working on the doors some more. Glass cutting wasn't the smoothest operation but it worked. Here getting the sticks to hold the glass in place set. finalizing the mullion lap joint.
Getting close on the cabinet portion of things! Glue up the back panel, hang the doors, edge treatment on the doors, finish doors, flipper-floppers, levelers, pulls, and consoles. Well maybe there is a number of things to do but I think I might hold of on the pulls, levelers, flipper-floppers and consoles until I figure out what I want to use for the drawer pulls int he stand.


Nick Brygidyr said...

uhhhhh i cant even see the fix dude. scary good. i have a boo-boo im fixing up myself, get on fb chat and i'll let you all about it so you can laugh at me

Jason said...

Nice work Nick, hope the cold has not kicked in too soon up there. Maybe it is time to visit Corey and I down south.