Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stand Joinery

Last time I left with mapping out mortises. Here are the mortises being cut!
I put the shop-made X-Y table back into action because I felt with the angles in the joinery it may be easy to lose a visual reference when cutting free-hand.

Fast Forward the tenon fitting and here is the rail stalk with four tenons on each side! Looks kind of neat and holy crap is it strong!

With the floating tenons glued into the rails I'm looking to get a "seamless" transition between legs and rail on the inside which is a drawer pocket side. Yes, I know my plane's mouth is a bit big. I had replaced this smoother with a Vera one that then de-laminated ... it felt so good in hand and made my hands smell good ha. Oh well.

Using little 45 degree cradles to hold the legs for edge treatment, after pillowing was done.

Aaaaand more pre-finishing. I have a good amount of work left to do with this stand but I figure I want to glue the legs to the side aprons now to eliminate unnecessary variables down the road. To make the glue-up happen I need to pre-finish first. Then I am making the web-frames and assembling the rest of the stand around those.

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Nick Brygidyr said...

wow look at you go heh! that kwila sure is some nice stuff