Monday, November 29, 2010

More Drawer

BAM! Poof! Drawers!
So here are the drawers all fit together with groove for the bottoms. It was all kind of a whiz, a blur of work and interruptions coming from my part-time and the holiday. I don't clearly remember working on these but there they are heh.

The grooves for the drawer bottoms are easy for the flat parts. Curved parts take a little strategy... Ha look at my angled, curved "jig". Crude, simple, and effective. Just how I like them.

Here's a nice little trick to plane your drawer sides. I just used the lag bolts and bottom cross member of my chop-block with a cut of Birch ply to get the support and clearance I need for handling the drawers. With bigger drawers one may want to double up on the ply.
Careful for blow-out at the back of the drawer planing through the end-grain of the pins! Just give the back corners a bevel and your good to go.

Boof! Drawer bottoms. 1/4" thick bottoms of the same Maple the drawer sides are made of. The "dot" in the middle of the bottom at the back is a screw to hold the bottom in place. When making the grooves for the bottoms I made the groove in the fronts deeper to allow for seasonal movement in the bottoms.
The drawers are done except for pulls and finish.

The last thing I needed to do with the stand itself is locaters for cabinet placement. I used a template of the cabinet base to plot a pair of dowels going into the stand and bottom of the cabinet. Kind of cute little things made of Kwila. Could have more easily used standard dowels, but come on heh.

This project is finally coming to a close. It's hard not to rush these last steps/details and move on. I'm getting pretty sick of staring at this thing all day ha. It would be nice to not have another job so I could get these pieces out from under my nose in half the time! Well, one can dream...


jbreau said...

nice work nick... so just locator dowels? no fasteners whatsoever?

really looking forward to seeing it together.

...and, you have until today to get a free router bit from these guys...

''To apologize we are giving away a free Southeast tool router bit to everyone who wants one. Email No obligation to get a 1/4”, 2 flute carbide tipped router bit free.''

not sure why they are apologizing, but i'm hoping to get a free bit.

Ian Crosby said...

that is looking so sweet Nick. You're lucky that beautifully dovetailed drawers just appear...I'm with Jacques, looking forward to photos.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to seeing it done too ha.

Free router bits? that's strange.

Yep, just locator dowels. Fasteners I feel are a bit unnecessary here. The cabinet is big and heavy enough that unless someone were to knock over the whole thing, the cabinet isn't going anywhere. JK used to use this method with some of his cabinets. There's a pic and blurb in one of the books about it.

jbreau said...

i know that a free router bit is strange, but it's also worth a try.

and your right, it would have to be a catastrophic occurrence for the cabinet to get tipped off of a stand. i guess i just don't trust the world enough... especially with a showcase.

anyhow, like i said, it's looking great. makes me jealous about being in a shop.