Sunday, March 6, 2011

Return to The Creek

With my short trip to the Sunshine Coast fast approaching I found it more difficult to get work done in the shop. Had to tie some ends, had another gallery night, and spent some good time with the lady. However I did get SOME work done.
Above is the veneer being applied to the substrate in a jimmy rigged "press"... this time it didn't work out as well as I got some shaping out of said "press" that isn't quite flat. I do have some speculations why that I will address in the future. For now can make it work but it will require some extra attention.

Ahhhh smoothing that top! One thing I did miss about Walnut is it's workability! This air-dried selection seems to work particularly well... or it could just seem that way after coming from an Oak project :p.
Whatever the case, the top is looking pretty nice if I do say so myself, though it is due to the nature of the tree, not as much of my own work ;).
So it's time to leave this project, MN, the Midwest, the country for a couple weeks.

I'll be back Mr. Desk, I promise, but for now I'm back in Roberts Creek, BC, Canada. Here to do my best to help out at the school (IP)! Should be an interesting, challenging, and inspiring time!
Alas I forgot how late things get going around here on Sundays ha. Can't get that Gumboot Granola till 11:00!

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