Sunday, March 20, 2011

A bit of a Blur

Oh boy, it's been a bit of a blur here. I don't do so well with time changes and I've gone through two of them on this trip.
Well trip began with visiting one Dan M... DannyMac? hehahhe Looking through lumber, spinning around Vancouver, some coffee and beer. Went down to the beach to see where his chainsaw milling takes place. Pretty cool, I wouldn't mind being able to do the same now and again ;).
Thanks for your time and hospitality Dan!

Onwards/back to the school!
It was great to meet all the passionate crafts-people here, to reminisce on memories past, and taking some new memories for the future.
The program has changed a bit since I was there but the quality and underlying goals remain.
There is, of course, great working being done this year. I didn't get to pull my camera out on everyone's project but I snapped a few...

Raul is stationed at my old bench, it seems to treat him well. He is making a lovely little jewelry display case for his wife, a jewelry maker, of Boxwood and English Sycamore. Above is one of his panels getting applied edges.

Meredith across from him is working on a lovely Danish inspired low console/coffee table. I think those through tenons are going to look pretty hot Meredith! ha!

Jesse is making a pipe wall cabinet of Caltalpa and Black Limba. I haven't been the biggest fan of either of these species, but these planks coming together in this cabinet of his is looking mighty fine.

Melissa is making a desk not hugely different from the one I'm working on. Her's is of Kwila and Narra, with drawers coming from the sides.

This is a mini mock-up of Hong's. Very cool. I think it could be very successful as a coffee table.

Steve Wolf finished and presented the second of a mating pair of end table/cabinets of Zebrano and Walnut. Well done sir!

Andrea is working on a wall cabinet of Claro Walnut, Monterey Cypress, and Swiss Pear featuring a display area, and an enclosed space. Pretty sharp.

Dave is reproducing a rocking chair made by Roberts a number of years ago. A great chair it is.

Jay has been spending time on a media stand with drawers made of Kwila. His plank of Kwila is a bit cranky but it's looking good!

Christian, from Denmark, is a highly meticulous worker... a regular Craig Johnson heh. Making a small tool chest of Boxwood and Maple. These woods call for precision work and Christian is surely meeting the challenge.

Josh is a young man somewhat strikingly similar to myself and my mode of work... also a musician. He's tackling one of JK's silver chests. These Maple drawers will be set into a Spalted Maple carcass. Good luck Josh!
Kylle is working on a lovely little floor standing cabinet made of a familiar material to me heh... Euro Cherry. Great work Kylle. He can show you his work on his blog here:

Howard has had years of experience as a carver. I can see how the plank he selected and his form speak to him and each other. It may be a little tricky but it will be lovely in the end. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to making happy shavings after break.

I've also been reminded how awesome this little coffee grinder is! I want one!!!

Thanks to eveyone who made this trip possible and for the kindness, hospitality, conversations, inspirations... and the food haha ;). Please keep in touch and show me your projects when they're done!

It is coming time for me to leave the coast again which is a bittersweet affair. I love the land, people, and culture here. Especially the multitude of cultures drawn to the school. At the same time my shop and work are calling me. Also I am looking forward to get back to special lovely lady back home...


Nick Brygidyr said...

wow! im digging Hong's table thingy...thats really thinking outside the box! theyre just holes in the top?

put up more pics of the projects youuuuuu!

Ian Crosby said...

Sweet. Thanks for sharing Nick. These are among the first photos I've seen out of IP this year. Kind of sad really. Gone are the days of Robert's sweet newsletters. Even the ResCrftMn blog was better than nothing...

So funny to see that room, filled with totally different people.

Hong rules.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Not just holes in Hong's table... don't know how to explain it. Three layers of "strips" with sections of the strips missing. So it's three dimensional. Digital deconstruction?

I don't have any more pics!

Yeah the IP news/blog was awesome. I feel like it was a very god marketing tool for them too.
How's that dining set going Ian!?

Ian Crosby said...

I've been working on building a house 4 days a week for the last 3 months so progress has been slow. My blog has also fallen drastically ill...but I'm prefinishing chair parts and will be gluing up within the next couple weeks for sure!