Friday, November 4, 2011

Chair Tenons

With Art Attack coming up I have been pretty distracted this past week. Fitting more days in the part-time so that I can have the weekend off for the event, and preparing for the event. I have managed to get a little work in.
Shown above is tenon stock for the stretcher joinery between the chair legs. I cut pieces to rough dimension on the band saw. Joint and plane the stock with machines very close to fitting. I further dial in the thickness with a hand plane before cross cutting them to size. Once they are cross cut, any further fitting is done with block plane and sand paper.

This can be some nice quiet work time. I rarely sit when working but this kind of operation allowed me to also give some lovely tea bowls I commissioned from Bev and Ray in Roberts Creek, BC a first go. Lovely work.

Everything was looking good in the dry fitting. Pretty neat looking joinery heh.
Went on to gluing the tenons in the stretcher side.

While the tenons were being glued I went to work on the relatively large slip tenon joinery for the seat and back frames.
This shows the mortise side of the joints which will be the width spaning of the seat and back.
I cleared out all the waste with the band saw. A bit time consuming and tedious with a normal band blade. A carbide blade would have made a little quicker work of it. I could have set the table saw up for these but figure I wouldn't be able to use that method with 6'+ long frame parts that the sofa will have. Part of the point of this prototype is to work out/think about methods of work for a sofa sized piece.
Oh I also don't have a proper ripping blade for such joinery with the table saw. Perhaps I should get one and clear the smaller frame parts by table saw and just do the big ones on the band saw hmmm.

At any rate I moved on to the tenon side, the sides of the seat and back.
Cut the shoulders on the table saw with a stop block for repeatability. Also cut the ends with the same dept for setting up the band saw when cutting the cheeks off and for consistency.
I cut the tenons a bit fat and will be dialing further in on the router table. I haven't gotten to that yet because I've been distracted too much with the event really starting this evening! I need a steady hand and mind for this kind of work so it will wait till the weekend is over. I will be in depose for most of it anyway and was able to get this post in now.

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