Monday, April 30, 2012

Northern Woods 2012

This past weekend was that time again when the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild comes together for the annual show: Northern Woods Exhibition. I have been aware of it for years but have never participated because I felt I was too busy, or this and that.
I decided to give it a try this year with Cabinet in Chinese Elm which seemed to be well received.
The piece received Best in Show, Peer's Choice, also a privately awarded Paul Lee award which goes to "the best entry that has a playful spirit and sound construction."
I'd be honored to be given any of these, the end out come was a bit of a surprise!

Craig Johnson, classmate and friend, received Best Detail with a piece that I am happily familiar with. Yes, Craig won Best in Show two years ago with another piece I am quite familiar with!

Now that that's over with I'm hoping to get back in my own shop! I'm getting increasingly agitated with the lack of hours I've had to work in the last number of weeks!


Nick Brygidyr said...

woah! congrats dude!

mckenzie said...

Great news, that should put a bounce in your step!

Is the Stanley a user or a trophy?


Matt Petersen said...

"we're not worthy ... we're not worthy!" ;-) Seriously ... congrats ... great honors!

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks guys!
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the Paul Lee prize is the plane under the cabinet. A refurbished Stanley #4. I don't know too much about these but was told this was around a 1920 vintage!? I will have to do a little research maybe.
Funny/saddly enough I don't use these kinds of planes, so for now it will be a trophy I suppose.


Nice work Nick. It's my most favourite piece of yours. I'll take and use the plane! He he. Congrats!

Jason Herrick said...

WOW! Congrats man!

Szymon DzwoŇĄczyk said...

It's great. Maybe it's only me, but it reminds me Japanese-style furniture. Sheer and delicate legs and much of empty space on the sides. The style really fits the wood, or maybe in reverse ^^ But really, grats for the trophy and for the cabinet. Much to be proud of.