Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back to the Bottle

Err the cabinet that will hold some bottles.
It has been a while since I've been able to get some steady work in on the whiskey cabinet. I've made enough progress to make a post about it though.
Here we see some shaping of the legs. Subtle pillowing and the leg is also very slightly tapered, heavier at the bottom, so lightly that I don't think many if anyone will notice. It should make the stand overall more complete/sound though.

The aprons got a rebate to recess the bottom of the cabinet into. This was done on the router table.

Then came a part that I hadn't been completely looking forward to. Cutting out notches in the tops of the legs to complete the recess for the cabinet bottom.
I first took a wedge chunk out with a hand saw. I tried to get pretty close to my scribe lines thinking that this way I was less likely to blow out fibers with me trim router later.

Dry fit the stand and cut as much waste out as I felt comfortable with my trim router.

Then cleaned the corners up with some careful handy-work.
Phew! I guess it wasn't all that bad though these kinds of operations I always get tense over.

Now that was done, I jest needed to complete some more edge treatment before pre-finishing the stand.

About a week later the stand was finished and glued up. Now another fairly cautious operation. Fitting the bottom panel to the stand.
Cut some waste on the table saw and came back to the bench for fine tuning by shooting the panel with a block plane.

A pretty fine fit if I do say so myself. Went pretty smoothly considering the lack of work I've been able to get in.
Even though I've been feeling pretty detached with my work it's nice to see that I can still manage to do good job! Hopefully I'll find some of that momentum again... alas spring is a time of interruptions.
At any rate, I'm coming to more pre-finishing and taking a look at the veneer for the sides of the cabinet!


Nick Brygidyr said...

Nice to see we're both back at it, my jointer is now working again..hope i dont jinx it.

How is the cabinet sides coming in? Are you doing one of those "the stand IS the bottom" kinda cabinets?

Nicholas Nelson said...

Ha yeah, hope we can get some work in!
Yep this will be a "the stand is the bottom" tytpe cabinet. I haven't done one before. Though it makes the overall look quite clean and "simple," it certainly complicates the build!

csd_jr said...

Nicholas, it's looking good! I love the "stand is the bottom" style for cabinets. Wish I could make something that clean and balanced. Hey, are you gonna be around for Art-a-Whirl this weekend? Sig and I were thinking about stopping by on Friday night for all the opening festivities. Plus, there's a new Olvalde beer that's coming out and we have been passing out 'samples' this past weekend. Maybe you'd be interested?

jeremy said...

Simple and basic. It's my thing.

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