Tuesday, February 24, 2009

preped for finish

As the project gets closer to a glue up the visual changes become smaller and often the prep is a lot of the same procedure for most of the pieces. This isn't bad of course but a bit on the boring side for stories and photos of which I have few this week.
Here chopping the corners flat, square, and consistent. I put a couple locator dowels in the bottom piece and put the op over that so the horizontal pieces would align the way they will with the sides in place. Then clamped a corner chopping block I made to the top where I could get a thin but clean chop.

Hinge mortise. I'm always amazed at how many chisels I use for such tasks. But this work isn't really about making do.

Set up for edge treatments. A seemly small step but they take a while to do. I hear that in some traditional Japanese woodwork the edge treatment is one of the most important features and only highly train craftsmen perform the treatments.



They call that highly trained person "the router".

na.nelson said...

Haheaehheaha Shut up! Those edges aren't route-able.
Like they call the skilled workmen of the danish chairs "cnc" err something of that sort.

Cody said...

Man, imagine being the guy who's sole position is 'edge treatment guy'? I'd commit Hari-Kari.

Nick Brygidyr said...

i guess its kinda like being the "edge guy" in a kitchen shop..