Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Leaf Box photos

Here's the little box made of Big Leaf Maple and Sycamore with shellac and wax finish(es). I don't remember the dimensions off my head but some where around 10.5" by 6".
I tend to go a little overboard on the number of pictures I take but it's still not the same as holding it.
The photos aren't amazing but for using my point and shoot camera with a roll of paper and my bench lights they aren't bad.


Anonymous said...

When I came back from school, it was nice to know I could do the same level of work. sweet box. I like the grey background on your blog page. nice touch.

Nick Brygidyr said...

very nice box there nick. i actually sawed up some maple for my box! battle of the boxes?

na.nelson said...

HA I actually realized how much the black background sucked when I saw yours... I'm a fan of charcoal anyway... your's is lighter right?
But yeah it's a different feeling outside of school for sure... I don't feel as challenged. I always felt that was a great benefit of shop-mates. I hope I can keep the work on school level though I think the first few pieces are going to be more simplistic. I need to get a "fancy" one in there to push myself. Though if any of yours guy's bench was behind mine I might get to it sooner ;)

Battle of the boxes? Can I enter my Arbutus one!? heh