Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cabinet in Chinese Elm

"Our students continue the quest for excellence - dangerously at times, and often with great sacrifice. But they are on the verge of achieving their primary aim: making a living by making fine things and through the making finding happiness." - James Krenov, With Wakened Hands

Though this piece was finished in April I just relieved its photos. Measuring 35" tall by 36" wide it is made of Chinese Elm, European Cherry, Western Maple, Japanese Maple, Ornamental Maple, and Boxwood. The inspiration for this piece came from a particular plank and an idea of a tea cabinet. I decided early on that I did not want to call it a tea cabinet because it doesn't have to be. It can be used for what ever one desires. This cabinet is for sale and the price will be much nicer before it finds a gallery ;)

Photos of the Big Leaf Box coming soon I hope!


Nick Brygidyr said...

i'll trade you my left over beech, a paperclip and some belly button lint for that cabinet, we gotta deal?

mike said...

That Chinese Elm sure is some sexy wood!!! Most excellent cabinet ..

Anonymous said...

Sweet work Nick. Cabinet came together nicely. The pulls are perfect. Build and good things will come.

take care,
Jason Klager

na.nelson said...

Nick, no deal! Unless you throw in your button collection.

And thanks guys for the words.
Jason! Does this maybe mean you are going to share some work via the intergalactic zone???
How are things going out your way?

Anonymous said...

No, not yet.... still worried about the picture that got away showing that krenovian belt sander. ;) maybe someday soon.

Finished the last and on to the next. This time around will be a cabinet for my better half to hold her keepsakes before moving onto a few commissions. Nice to see you moving along and always interested to see what your up to. I like the mockups, simple yet with a level of interest to those that view.

steve.h said...

You have surely found your calling, sir!