Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Bits

Onward with pulls. The post and bail uses little round tenons both for the joint to the door and the bail to posts. I knew the shoulders were going to be the tricky part, particularly for the bail shoulders. I came to perhaps a "crude" but effective solution pictured above. A planer surface to register a plane blade on to shave the shoulder clean. Worked like a champ. The tenon itself I shaped with files.

The necklace hangers for the inside of the doors got the same treatment. I've probably said it before but I just get a kick out of the simplest "jigs" that work so damn well ha.

Alright, pulls and hangers done, Flipper-floppers and levelers done, Mirror installed... The main cabinet is ALL DONE!!! :) I still have time to work on some extras.
Such as a divider for one of the drawers. Maple dividers using half-lap joints, no glue needed here. I'm a little torn here. I really like both the feel and look of both the drawers open. One can see the beautiful continuous Bird's Eye Maple flow from one drawer to the next. However part of the whole concept of this piece, being a Vanity Cabinet, is to have it be used as such heh. almost 2" deep open drawers doesn't really make sense for jewelery such as earrings and rings. I am however making the fit of the divider loose enough that it can be taken out without marring up the insides of the drawer.

Going into the same drawer is a little tray that will sit atop the divider. The tray will fit against the sides of the drawer but will be able to slide front to back allowing access to the first row of divisions while the tray is in the drawer and be able to be taken out of the drawer while the drawer is still in the cabinet pocket.
The tray sides there are about 7/32" (1/32" less than 1/4") and about 7/8" tall, pretty small dove tails heh. Not as small as some of Barb's but hey.

And here are some random scraps I had from the carcass. They are a bit checked but it looks like I can get just enough nice material to make a little side shelf :) I just about put these in the burn pile but second guessed them.
I don't know if I will really like the shelf up with the cabinet but I like the idea. There's one way to find out... do it ha.

Ok I might be able to get some photography in before heading for Toronto but that presents it's own problems I haven't dealt with yet. I also need to make crates for the pieces I'm taking. So maybe there will be another post before then, maybe not. But the finished Vanity Cabinet will be there, assuming things goes fine at the border.

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Dan McCallum said...


Looks like you are making good progress in time for the show in TO. I love your little jig for the pulls/hangers, great idea. Simpler is better-er for sure!