Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SFS Exhibition

Slow Furniture Studio Exhibition June 2010 - Arta Gallery, Toronto, ON
The show came and went. The Event space was beautiful. Lots of room for lots of incredible work!
Unfortunately no sales came my way. It was a good learning experience and it was good to reconnect with some of my classmates, and get to meet some of you out in interland :)
Big thanks to Daisuke, Anjali, and everyone else involved to make it happen!


Ian Crosby said...

Wow that looks great! How many pieces were there? I had an e-mail from Daisuke and my cabinet is coming home too...were there any sales?

Thanks for posting some photos.

Nick Brygidyr said...

it was a great weekend indeed! got to finally meet you guys and talk about your metalcore days.

if you ever decide to come to montreal and experience poutine and hot french ladies, you always got a hardwood floor to sleep on here!

SGI said...

Hey Nicks,

It was nice to meet you fellas on Saturday and see your work up close in person. What a great collection of pieces, I was blown away. (Ian, your stuff was ok too...)

Glad to hear the evening went well even if no sales were made.


Dan McCallum said...


Thanks for posting the pics. Great to see what the show was like. Sorry you did not get a sale though. Hope it was still a worthwhile trip for you.