Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vanity Cabinet photos!

Phew! Done and time to get some photos! This time around I was able to borrow my friend and classmate's lights. Thanks Craig! (and Carol!) I'm still not a professional photographer but these lights were much better to use than the ones before. No head-aches on account of the lights :).

Vanity Cabinet - Swiss Pear, Maple, Jatoba, and Ornamental Maple (and glass mirror).

Hmm the side shelf... I am still undecided about it. Partially because it turned out so much darker than the cabinet. Came from the same plank... thems the breaks?
I like how it turns "just" a cabinet into more of a scene with more ambiance but I just don't know... any thoughts?

I also have to pick just 3 of these photos for my physical portfolio. Gah! I hate choosing!

On to the fine art of crate-making hah.


Nick Brygidyr said...

wow! looking great! i do like the little shelf, like you said, it makes just a cabinet into something more!

Timberwerks Studio - Dale J. Osowski - Furniture Maker said...

I really like it, looks fantastic. Roughly, how many hours did it take you to complete? I also like the little shelf.

SGI said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see it next week. I live in Cambridge, Ont. so I'll be making the trip into the big city for the show on Sunday.

I've been lurking on all these IP blogs for a while, so I'm really exited to see all your work in real life!


Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks guys

Yeah I like the shelf but at the moment it's darkness just kind of irks me... I took the pieces from the bottom of the plank where there was a fair amount of checking so perhaps it's just thoroughly oxidized. Maybe the cabinet will catch up?

Dale, I do try to keep track of my hours though it's not EXACT this one comes in at about 175 hrs. I didn't really include "design" time but I tent to do a lot of that in my head at my other job ;).

Scott, Ha good I'm glad you're interested in coming out. Seeing everyone's pieces in the physical is a much better experience :) I'm hoping to come back to the shop with new inspiration and maybe a little drive of friendly competition ;).

Nick Brygidyr said...

haha nick, anyone ever tell you you're way too picky for your own good? i think it looks fantastic even if it's a slight shade darker, sheesh! can never be happy aye =P

Timberwerks Studio - Dale J. Osowski - Furniture Maker said...

I agree with Nick, I had to visit again to take another look because it's so pleasing to see.


Like the three pulls on the door Nick. Amazing.

xyzseira said...

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