Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Showcase Mock-up

Things almost always want to change between 2D and 3D. This is one of the main points of mock-ups for me. When I did a full-scale drawing I already took off an inch here and there. When I was putting this mock "together" I took off a 1/2" here and 1/4" there. I felt some of the frame members needed to be wider to support adequate joinery... particularly the vertical frame members of the doors in the center of the cabinet. I typically start the mock a bit heavier than I think I want it because it's easier to take off material than add heh.
I am a little worried about the size whether justifiably so, or not.

Here's a photo to get a better idea of actual size... I'm somewhere around 5'8-5'9". Keep in mind me standing in front of the Mock-up makes it look a little smaller than it is. Oh yeah, the height that I have it sitting at is the aimed finished height.
Though this piece is still small for many furniture/cabinet makers, it is bigger than many of JK's "larger" pieces. Then again, Jim was a smallish man. Maybe he "designed" to his person and I to mine. I do like the feeling and aesthetic of a small intimate piece but I'm also looking for something that may command a little more presence in a show/gallery setting yet still hold a relative humble grace I am fond of... and of course make a great piece for a home. Hmmmmm.

Aaaaaaaand here's a new plane! I've had this guy sitting in different stages of the process for long amounts of time, but it's finally done... except for dressing the bottom heh. It is made of a block of Vera wood that Robert graciously gave me while at IP THANKS AGAIN! It's a new smoother plane. I feel kind of sad when thinking of retiring my current smoother. It has been with me since the beginning of the year at IP (2008) and has served me well. However I have more experience making planes, and plane shapes now. The older one at times got a little uncomfortable. I think this one will be an improvement though I'll be keeping ole Paula (older plane) around just in case... maybe someday it will become a compass plane, maybe I'll give her away, maybe I'll keep it for sentimental reasons heh, I don't know.


Nick Brygidyr said...

woah! nice shirt, where'd you get it?


bowed front? wasn't there some sort of bank of drawers?

Nicholas Nelson said...

Slightly convex front. I wouldn't call it a bank of drawers, but yes I envision the stand having a pair of drawers. Though I don't think I'll be mocking up the stand until the carcass is dry-fit perhaps.

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