Monday, December 6, 2010

Finishing Touches, Teaser

Finally, the last touches for this cabinet. Pulls, levelers, flipper-floppers, and consoles.
I'm using my boring machine to dill holes for the drawer pulls. Pretty handy to have one of these to cut out variables of using a hand drill.

I'm going for post and bail pulls. I like them a lot. They are more work in the joinery side of things than other pulls, but they are just so classic! And the cabinet being a pretty structural piece, they fit.
Here posts were cut to size, and tenons/shoulders cut on the table saw. There are two posts joined at the tenon here as the pieces are easier to work like this.
Holes being drilled are for the bails.

Aaaand the bail stock.

Moving on to the consoles, the little shelf supports. I'm using some Boxwood I had left from Robert at IP. It looks soft but the wood is quite hard. It also smells a bit like Swiss Pear.
I machined them in pairs connected at the tips. Once again, much easier/safer to work with them like this. Tenons/shoulders on the table saw, and used a forstner bit to cut that round.
There's only going to be one shelf in this piece but I'm making 8 consoles. How much of a drag would it be to lose one of these little guys and not be able to use the shelf!

Here are a couple done.

TEASER! Ha. Well here you can see the pulls done and in place.
They are made of Olive and are quite yellow now. I think I'm going to let them oxidize a bit before I do a photo shoot. They should reach a mauve-ish brown in between the Maple and Kwila.

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