Sunday, January 23, 2011


So the door of the Cherry Display Cabinet hasn't showed any sign of improving over the last couple days. I just took it out of the basement and brought it upstairs to see what would happen, probably nothing.
I'm looking at rough cutting more material tomorrow morning and moving on to another project while waiting for the wood to settle for AMPLE time.
I could really dive into the gallery website but think I'd go crazy just working on a computer all day so I need to move on to another woodworking project.

So, I'm looking to do the Oak "wall display" while waiting on another Cherry door.
I probably already mentioned the concept with this one but will re-tell a little. Looking to build something on spec perhaps a little more "gallery savvy". Small, simple, lower price, but with the same level of craftsmanship, visual interest, and personal touch.
It is also interesting because this is something that can be made with just one nice 8/4 plank. I had picked up a White Oak plank at the local commercial lumberyard one time I was there for something else. I didn't have any plans for this plank but knew I could use it sometime for something. It's not terribly rift-sawn but it was pretty straight and clean.

Problem I've had before with commercially sourced Oak was some crazy tension in the lumber. Pictured is some cupping towards the middle of the plank. I re-sawed the pieces way over-sized allowing for some of this.
Today I jointed and planed the pieces I re-sawed a week or two ago, still over-sized. I need to let them sit for some days more... Now what?

Well I've been planning to make a small desk out of Walnut after I would be done with the Oak wall piece. Might as well get a little into that.
Took out my metal smoother plane to do some scrubbing on some planks of Walnut I had set aside for this desk. The top is coming from a smallish wide plank. The legs, aprons, stretchers, and drawer fronts hopefully are coming from the plank on the horses and the other two pictured behind. I will be building a web-frame system out of Oak for the Oak sided drawers.
These planks are thick and have a number of knots so there will be a lot of waste and I feel like there is going to be tension and moisture issues. I want to get components out to settle for a good time. I think I will mock this piece up, and cut component stock before I get back to the Oak piece.

Ugh this multi-tasking kind of stuff isn't usually how I like to work. However in my circumstance it seems a more effective use of time.
Here's hoping I don't cut a Walnut drawer out of Oak hahah!


RJB said...

Hi Nicholas,
I have also worked two or more projects at the same time. I just try to make them as different as I can so I don't confuse one with the other. I hope your door settles out for you.

Trevor Walsh said...

I had a question about the planes, I've made some smoothers, but I'm really interested in making one of the boxy long jointers that I've seen on the IP site used for shooting and veneer jointing etc. I'm planning on 45 degree bed, with a 1 3/8 iron. however I'm not so sure of the overall cross sectional dimension or pin placement, can you lend a hand?

Thank you,

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