Thursday, January 20, 2011

Up to Speed... or not?

Hasn't been THAT long since my last post, but it feels like a while.
Well with the new door parts ready to go, I could pick up a little momentum again.
Slip tenons for all corners of the door. This time the rails and styles are going to be flush, pictured here trying to achieve just that.

Using a similar set up to route the rebate for the angled glass in the door as the Maple Showcase. This time however the rails aren't curved so it moves a little faster :).

Fast forward the door glue-up, fitting, hinge installation, hanging, and edge work (ha) and here I'm fitting the sticks that will hold the glass in place. Three panes of flat glass.

Mullions, pieces separating the angled glass. on the way to fitting in the door frame with notches.

Got to mocking up door pulls. I imagine putting a pull on the side of the door and creating a notch out of the cabinet side for a hopefully pleasant detail of a pull :).

I don't tend to like to mock something up and make the real one the same day (unless it's something pretty common-place) so while I let the door pull stew I moved on the the back of the cabinet again... Oh yeah, I fit and glued the back panel in a little while ago ha.
Anywho, went on to making "mortises" for the French Cleat I will be using to hang this cabinet. I've seen people just screw their cleats to the back panel but I'm going with the same kind of "theory" as with the brass brackets I normally use. I want to screw the cleat into the sides of the cabinet which is a load-bearing component of the cabinet.
Quickly made a little 45 degree block to help chop a mating angled mortise for the cleat.

And there's the cleat in place. I need to get to a hardware store to pick up some appropriate screws... perhaps #3 3/4 hmm.
The bottom catch of the cleat, which will be mounted on the wall, has a fat 1/16" play horizontally to make life easier when hanging the cabinet.

And back to the door pull today. a pretty simple but pleasing form with a little flare on all sides which add a nice visual and tactile interest.
I was looking to start the notch in the cabinet side for the pull. so I hung the door as it would be to accurately mark where it will go when. I found that the door MOVED on me AGAIN! Gahhhh. When I fit and hung the door originally it wall all nice and planer. Now, the hinge side is fine, the top right corner of the door mates the cabinet as it did but the bottom corner now is a good 1/16" out of line WTF!!?? >:O ahhhh!!!
At the moment I don't really know what to do about it. Getting upset I just don't want to think about it and hope the door will correct itself, though I doubt it will happen :/.
I really don't want to have to remake this door AGAIN especially when I didn't screw it up :(.
Well I'm not going to be able to get in the shop tomorrow, well see how it looks when I get back to it. Here's hoping!


Nick Brygidyr said...

the few times i've tried making a curved door with glass, i never got the curved strip to fit

also youre damn door problems! lol. i hope my maple calms down enough to stay flat...

im liking that french cleat. when i get around to doing our kitchen, thats how im doing it up!...if that day ever comes haha. Krenovian kitchen??!!?

Nicholas Nelson said...

Hmm tips? I don't really know. I just use pencil lines and the old careful guess and check ha.

Uhhhhh movements.

Ha talk to Robert about a Krenovian Kitchen.

Nick Brygidyr said...

NO WAY! knife hinges and all?