Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Set-backs... Grrrr

I already thought my recent work flow was choppy... Well, it got choppier.
Wood movement strikes again.
Above is a couple frame components for the back of the cabinet. The top one went a little wacky on me :/. Disappointing because it matched the bottom one so well. But hey it's not the end of the world. Milled a new piece let it settle over a couple days that I was working the part-time and got to joinery today.

Ok well since the band saw is set up with my "joinery blade" I can cut the slip tenons for the door...

... Or not. Movement strikes hard! >:/. I jointed the edges to get a better idea with what I was dealing with... Holy crap that's a lot of wind! I thought I took it easy on milling these parts! I let the wood settle for at least a day every time I cut them. Nothing seemed wrong 2.5 weeks ago.
The sides for the door also got a bit wonky... I can still use them being a little bit smaller than I wanted, or try milling new sides too, hmmm.

Well what can you do but carry on (and throw a tantrum)? Looking for a new door "crest rail". We'll see if I can find more door sides too...
I'm too aggravated to continue work in the shop today...
That and more trouble with technology and the print-shop... imagine that...


Jeff Branch said...

I had a ton of wood movement on the project I am finishing up. All of my flat, glued-up panels warped. I was able to pull them flat but, I began to wonder if I need a de-humidifier or something in my shop.

Jason Herrick said...

Ugggg. This totally bites. I'm sorry! I finally gave up on the wood movement thing and am building everything out of plastic instead. :)

Tomorrows a new day.


RJB said...

That is one beautiful twist and curve you have there. Sucks that it isn't what it's supposed to be. One of the pleasures of working wood.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Ha well the curve is supposed to be there, but not the twist!
I don't know that this was a moisture thing, the cherry seemed pretty dry... I need a chunk of spare cash to get a moisture meter.

Ha plastics, well it doesn't even have grain direction, it's easy to work? heheh