Monday, April 4, 2011

Where's that swing?

Getting back home, it has been difficult to get back in the swing, find that momentum. Being gone for a couple weeks, jet lag, odd schedules at the part-time, and plan old being beat.
I have managed to get some work done back in the shop. I'm back on that Cherry Display Cabinet. Doing this door again. After taking it very slow and carefully with milling the frame stock down I'm feeling pretty confident of its stability.
Made a new template for the panes of glass. Ugh, that's another thing... Glass shelves. I just can't find a quality glass cutter around here! As it looks I'm going to have to opt to have the glass cut and ground then get another grinding wheel and put buffing wheels on it to polish the edges myself. I've never polished glass before. I've used buffing wheels with metal before. I would think it would be fairly similar.

Frame dry-fit with panel rebates and all about ready to be glued up. The second time around the production has gone smoother which is nice and encouraging.
Currently the door has been glued-up and fit to the cabinet opening. There's still enough work to be done to keep me busy for a couple days... if I can finally really get in the shop that is. I still have a couple non-shop things to do :/.

Another factor I feel playing against me is that of a little funk :( heh. I haven't been feeling as connected to the work as I usually am. This seems to come and go with all sorts of people in all sorts of walks of life.
I think it's good to reflect on one's "way" and asses "their path". Seems to be part of "the human condition" at least for me. It just sucks that it gets in, what seems to be, the way ha.
In attempt to reconnect, I took some time later in the evening to give my little chisels some love.
I like these Ashley Iles butt-chisels but I'm not fond of some of the fit and finish of them. The Bubinga handles covered in hard thick finish, the cheap ferrules. I stripped the hard finish off with scrapers and files and re-finished them with a single thin coat of oil. Also I took some sand paper to the ferrules to clean them up a bit.
I'm going to need to replace my 1/8" and 1/4" chisels soon and have been wondering about switching to a whole new set. I'm still undecided... I wish more people made quality butt-chisels.


Jason Herrick said...

Hey there Nicholas. Welcome back!

FYI, I don't know if you've tried it or not, but I was up against a similar issue with glass about a year ago. I needed good 1/2" cut and polished. I already had the glass, know body wanted to touch it, cause they wanted to sell me new stuff. My usual glass guy couldn't promise that the edge wouldn't look like crap, so I found a glass shower supplier. They have big ol laser/water cooled diamond do-hickeys that cut and polish THICK glass. They can also bore holes if needed. Might not be a bad route look at if you haven't already. IT really wasn't all the expensive either.

I've got a whole new respect for working with glass after I got 9 stitches on a severed artery. Wear gloves. :) Good luck man.

Nick Brygidyr said...

Dont be a sad panda Nick! Trust me, after the first pair of dovetails you cut on the tablesaw things will get easier...

Nicholas Nelson said...

Good lord man! That sounds like a slice! I've only been cutting "picture frame" thickness glass thus far.
A place around here I talked to about the glass for a coffee table (3/8" thick) told me that with their water jet they could still only "assure" me of +/- 1/8". Which is of course a 1/4" range.

Ha I'm not worried about dovetails, I'm happy cutting them by hand ;).

Matt Petersen said...

Hi Nick! Always enjoy your blog posts. Came across a little toolmaker down in Georgia that might interest you. I picked up a couple of his marking knife kits during the holidays ... very nice. He sells chisel sets as well that look to be very nice but not ridiculously expensive nor cheap. here's the link.

David Scott said...

I dig your work. Hope and believe you will also get your mojo back. Felling dsiconnected at times to our surroundings. When that happens with me I slow down both my body and my mind until they are in-sync again.