Thursday, April 14, 2011

Plane Break

I put in an order for the glass for the Cherry Cabinet on Wednesday. It wont be done till Friday at the earliest I suspect. What to do now. Well I took some time to pick up around the shop but I also had a milled plane black laying around for a few weeks and decided to go to town on a new smoother to replace the last one of Vera that delaminated. I took a bunch of pics in case anyone viewing this blog is not familiar with "krenovian planes".

So, I got a 3"x3"x12" blank from the local "woodworking store". They sell these as turning blanks though I don't really know why this is such a popular size but it works great for most hand plane projects.
I scraped the wax off and let it sit for a while. Then did some milling getting the cheeks and the main body cut out. I let these sit stickered for a few weeks for them to move as they please.

When I finally got back to the blank yesterday I flattened and dressed the sides and body. Then cut the iron ramp out on a band saw.

Used my block plane to dress and square up the iron ramp.

Then using the iron itself to help set the distance between the ramp and the front I drilled holes in the top corners for locator dowels. Trimmed the dowels flush so they wouldn't interfere with the glue-up.

With the dowels in place the cross-pin holes were drilled at 5/16". Use the block that was cut out as a backer for the first hole drilled.

That same block was used to get cross-pin material. I got two cross-pin blanks and a bit left over for shoulder cut tests on the table saw. The rest of the block will be used to get a wedge and can be saved in case of the need for a mouth insert.

Pin shoulders were cut on a table saw. Then the tenons are made round to fit with a chisel and files.

A relief was made for the chip-breaker cap-screw using a 3/4" router bit on the router table.

After triple checking everything and giving the glue faces a acetone wipe I glued the plane up with cauls and flaw board.
I do happen to have these cauls and flaw board "laying around" for plane making :).

I left the glue-up over night and came back to it today. Took the glued up block out of the clamps and ran the bottom over the jointer once. Then to the band saw to rough out the final shape.
Some like their planes rougher than others. I tend to like mine relatively shaped smooth as is more comfortable for my small soft hands hahah ;).

Tada! There it is fit with a wedge. It isn't in working order yet. These planes always seem to move around a little bit in the first stage of their life so I'm just going to allow that to happen for a bit before I get to fine tuning. I also want to order a new iron for it. The one I have seen here is wearing a bit short.
Here's hoping it will be a loyal performer!

This project along with cleaning up a bit has been good for me to get back in tune with the shop space as I still hadn't acclimated since my return from IP. I'm also enjoying a couple "bonfires" cleaning out my scrap bins that have over flowed from winter.
Alas the seasons change and it can be easy to lose one's way with our short Minnesotan Summers ha. We'll see... ;p


Anonymous said...

Nice Nick, I'm gonna make a couple that last week after the show, you know some more memories. Cant beleive the time is almost over?

Nicholas Nelson said...

Yessir time does move quickly in those last weeks!
It's a good time to make some tools for sure. Kind of wind down yet be productive looking forward to your own space :).
In my last couple weeks I made a 40 degree and 50 degree smoother, 1" jointer, 1" coopering plane, chair scrape, carving knife, and irons for my mini spoke shaves ha. I'm grateful for having the jump start upon return home.