Monday, April 25, 2011

Wall Cabinet Wrap Up

It took longer than expected (of course) to get glass but I got it and was able to wrap things up.
Seems as though it has been a while since the last post on this.
Pictured is mortise making for door hinges. This was just after I refinished my butt chisel handles. You can see the difference between those and the original finish on the bench chisel.

Consoles (shelf supports) in process. Kind of cute heh. I went with Jatoba for the little bits in the cabinet. It will age to a darker rusty red color which should go nicely with the aging cherry.

Consoles finished! There will be two shelves for this cabinet. I made two sets plus three extra... biffed the last one of the third set but I was expecting that ha. This way there is extra in case something should happen to the others. Don't know what but it's better to be prepared :).

This is a scarey part that I had been putting off. After fitting and hanging the door. I mortised the door for the same pull I made for the first door. Now it was time to cut into the FINISHED carcass to make a recess for the pull.

Started out with marking the recess with a pencil. Went at it with a chisel. Then made a sanding block to fit the shape I wanted. Finished it up and made the little profile with a knife. I dig it.

Received the glass shelves and "bulk" sheet of glass for the door panes. Got to cutting the glass for the door myself.
I think this is a good thing to be able to do. I like to know that I can make these kinds of panes fit just right. Not tight but not sloppy. It allows me to work with smaller tolerances, which I like.
Once the glass was cut and put into place I marked the mullions on the sticks that hold the glass in place. Pictured above was after cutting the waste with the band saw. Used chisels to fit and clean them up.

Drilling hole for the brads that will hold the glass in.
Actually it is done. Cleaned up the sticks, softened their edges, glued the pull in place, finished everything that needed finish, installed glass into the door, and hung the door. :D

Alas I have another waiting game. I ordered a pair of studio strobes (photo flash lights) and was given notice a couple days later the they are on back order. They say it will take another week or two but I have had bad experience with things on back order in the past :/.
While I'm waiting for those I will of course resume work on the Walnut Desk :).


Jason Herrick said...

The "shelf pins" look GREAT!! So cute.

Let me guess... Back ordered strobes... Alien Bee's? :)

Look forward to seeing what's next.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Ha do you have Alien Bees?
Naw I went with the Interfit StellarX 600s.
I know they aren't as quality as something like Bowens but I'll only be using them a handful of times in a year. Hopefully they will work out for me!

Heh yeah the consoles are nice and cute but they are relatively time consuming. Though I got these done pretty efficiently in my terms :).

Thanks Jason

Jason Herrick said...

ha ha! That's funny.

I have one Interfit 300ws strobe. And I love it! The color temp is a bit inconsistent, but not enough to worry about. I've also got a couple small speed-lights. I'd love just one more light, but with 3 plus the ambient and a tripod, it covers 90% of my goofy needs.

I think we would all love some Bowens/Prophoto/Elinchrom money suckers, but I need to make A LOT more money first. :) Cheers!