Monday, May 16, 2011

Almost to Joinery

All the substrates had been made, now they all have veneer. That's not to say they have edges though. Above the lumber-core back apron getting veneer. Clamped this up at the end of a day so that I could use my bench and a big heavy flat caul.

For the side stretchers I decided to go with bent laminations. I may have mentioned that I'm low on Walnut for this project, and I already had the form from the side apron veneered lamination. Walnut is also a good candidate for lamination. Something lighter in color and more dense such a Maple will show the seams more readily.
Even with Walnut's favorable attributes for such a technique I took the time to hand plane each surface after they went through the thickness planer and before the lamination. This plane is still new to me but it feels like it will continue to be a good performer given the right attention.

Here is a still rough result! I used 5 eighth-inch strips of Walnut glued together over the curved form I used for the side aprons. The glued layers is what holds the shape. Under close inspection they look like pretty clean and tight seams to me :).

Before I get focused on joinery I want to rough mill stock for the drawer pocket web-frame that is to be made of Oak. Attack of the kiln-dried White Oak again! This was after re-sawing for the two long frame members. Good thing I cut them way over thickness! I was afraid something like this would happen... and it did ha.
While these and the other frame pieces are settling a bit hopefully I can get on to the main joinery. Still have to figure all that out though!

In more news, I received a shipment of lumber for my next project which will be a pair of Nightstands. This is Steamed European Beech coming from A&M in Cambridge, ON. It's hard to see the relatively fine grain in this shot but it is not as nice of selection I was hoping for. I had a feeling it would basically be pulled from the top of a pallet but for half the cost as Gilmer was asking I figured I'd give it a shot... I may have learned a lesson.
This perhaps will just supply challenge in an otherwise more simple project and practice in doing the best with less than ideal material which I'm sure I will continue to struggle with ;).

 In further more news, Art-a-Whirl is this weekend! May 20-22. The Northrup King Building is included in this event where Blue Sky Galleries resides and within reside some of my pieces. I will be in attendance when I can to hopefully meet, greet, and chat with some folk!
Perhaps see you there!

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