Friday, May 20, 2011

Cherry Display Cabinet

Finally! You know that wall piece I was working on months ago? Here it is :).
Cherry Display Cabinet
18" x 23" x 7"
Cherry (air dried), Maple (air dried), Jatoba

The glass in this piece presented photographing problems. I couldn't get the lights in position that I really liked due to reflection hence the big shadows.

  The color temp of these lights seem to be true which is great for the piece! However I had been over compensating with the back drop. This is the same back drop I used with the Maple Showcase and now doesn't give as warm a feel as I would like. But hey I much prefer knowing what the end result is going to be!

I mentioned as I was building this piece that I was trying a little something different in terms of finger prints here and there. The piece prior to this was very highly regulated and smooth/fared out. That kind of work is great for the right piece. This time I went more relaxed, that's not to say sloppy, just a little more free.
I kept the facets and kept them a little more evident. It was fun for me, I like the results, and I think others will enjoy it too.
Trying to capture it in a photo is another story. Click on the pic to enlarge it and you should be able to see it in the shaping of the end grain/side.

Mmmm that notched pull. Scary but worth it.


Jason Herrick said...

Looks great! I love the design and your fingerprint. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Nick, I like the pull.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks guys! It isn't a new design though ;P Maybe it hasn't been done EXACTLY like that but it is a repeated form, particularly in the JK "crowd".
Nothing wrong with that. I still like it!