Monday, May 2, 2011

Return to Deskland

Alrighty! After finishing up the Cherry Display Cabinet and taking a breather I'm back on the Walnut Desk I started a bit back.
Last I have just got the Walnut veneer on the desk top and smoothed that all out. Applied edges were next for me. I decided I'd just use the iron I had in my other smoother for now and tune up the new plane. I'm feeling the pinch as it were. Trimming these little edges isn't really critical enough to judge a plane by however I do like the feel of it thus far :).

Above is the mouth of my new plane. Not too shabby if you ask me ;D.

After the long edges were applied and trimmed I went to the short cross-grained ones. In this case there is no overlap of edges because the legs will be integrated into the top. This means the order of the edges is "less" important. I chose to do the long ones first so I could plane with the grain and not have to worry about cross-grain blow-out going across the end-grain edges.
I used a number of 1/8" thick slices of Poplar as flexable cauls gluing one side at a time.

Above is a plank of White Oak that will fulfill the drawer pocket and side components of the desk. I have had this plank for a little over a year and just took it out again to look it over. I marked where I think I want to get my drawer pocket partitions from but I don't like to make hasty cuts in "virgin planks" particularly because I was originally saving this plank possibly for a pair of side tables to go with the Oak Coffee Table I made. Soooo I came up from the basement to do some online stuff.

On that note I have hesitantly started a facebook page. The little lady has been suggesting it to me; I figure I'd give it a shot!

Nicholas Nelson : facebook

I've also put a link to it in the side links here and on my website.
Check it out if you wish!

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