Monday, August 15, 2011

Done. With the desk.

The last couple things for this project went relatively quickly.
Carve pulls.
Make drawer bottoms.

Oil drawer fronts.
Make drawer stops.

Done. Hopefully I will get photos taken and up in the coming weeks!

For now I cleaned up my bench room a bit to make room for the next project. As some will know, a pair of nightstands/side tables made of Euro Beech and Kwila. Just set these planks of Euro Beech up to ponder my component selections. I have yet to make any cuts as I need to go to work to make pretty coffee drinks at the bakery soon. Perhaps I will start tomorrow unless I can get my hands on a backdrop stand for desk photography.

Chao! - NN


Nick Brygidyr said...

ive always used the drawer bottom to stop the drawer, whats the benefit of gluing in stops behind the front?

Jeff Branch said...

That is some handsome desk. The wood looks awesome, drawer fronts are cool and looking forward to the final photos.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Heh well making drawer stops is probably a bit easier to finesse? Also, depending on construction, expansion. Say you have a cabinet with vertical grain for the sides of course. The cabinet is going to move much more (relatively speaking) than your drawer sides oriented perpendicular to the cabinet side. This just means that the reveal of your drawer fronts will change throughout the year. If you stop the drawer at the front leaving a little room in the it "cures" that "problem".

Thank you Jeff. I'm looking forward to photos as well :).

Matt Petersen said...

Nice work, as always. Would enjoy seeing a detail shot of the carved pulls.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks Matt, I'll try to get you one.