Friday, August 5, 2011

So Close!

So close! The suspension is killing me! Or maybe I'm still over caffeinated from being a closing barista with discerning customers...
Anyway, sorry to fast forward the progress but I was on a role. The drawers have all been dovetailed, assembled, and fit!

The other day I also FINALLY got drawer bottom material. I would much rather have had it earlier in the process but funds were dry due to a couple unforeseen occurrences. Well I actually found a decent plank from the commercial lumber supplier without too much for waste, except for a nice crack going through the middle of half the plank much like I've seen before in 8/4 Oak from this supplier. Does one call that a "shake"?
I decided to rip the sections down the crack which was in the flat of the grain. I'd rather not cut through the flat because it is tougher to get a nice looking edge joint gluing them back together and particularly for something like Oak where the quarter-sawn edge will not want to work very well. What can one do but think, reason, adapt, be careful, and keep moving? heh

Giving the Oak a little time I turned to some pull mock ups. I first compared a post and bail to a carved pull. I feel the carved pull will look more organic and would be less obtrusive to my sight when sitting at the desk. I liked the idea of doing some post and bail and trying to through joinery but I also like carved pulls. In the end the piece should get what it wants!
I haven't quite nailed down the shape of the pull. I don't think I'll be going with the "smiley" towards the right. I also think I could use a new carving gouge or two. I'd rather not by more tools but like I say, the right tool for the right job.

Just got to milling/resawing the drawer bottom stock. I will give it the weekend to sort itself out a bit, then back to work. Hopefully I will have this project wrapped up in the coming week or so (oil still takes time)!

Don't know when I'll get to photograph it. Probably going to need a wider back drop for this one :/. Looking forward to completing the project and moving on though!


JasonD said...

I believe Jim would say, "don't get greedy." You are doing beautiful work Nick.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Haha yeah yeah, just that I've been with this one since March or Feb.
Thanks Jason, How's the new shop treating you?

JasonD said...

New shop is not perfect, but it is within the realm of being called a dream shop as first shops go. Machines are great. Humidity high. Bench is amazing.