Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So Much Surface

Back again! Well, I have been working, it's just been repetitive and not photogenic heh.
After machining down the components of the box to relative final thickness I was turning between planing the surfaces, and clamping up edge joints.

After each edge joint is dried, it's back to planing, then back to joining again, and so on.
It may not be the most exciting process ever but it is enjoyable when the work goes well and the bits turn into something more.

Mustn't forget about hitting the sharpening station about every five min. My poor iron has just about had it. I finally ordered a new one yesterday... Can't wait for lapping ha.

So the surfaces had all been glued up! I trimmed and squared the surfaces and took some time to clean up some edges. Here is my block plane taking a shaving from the end grain of a top piece.

Ha, knew this post would be short relative to the work I've put in, and it may happen again...
Till next time!

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