Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Oily

Alright, where was I? On to shaping?
SO. I gave the legs a bit of a taper using the jointer and a stop block. The taper is slightly over 1/8" thinner at the bottom. A tapered pillowing on the inside/joint side of the legs gives a slight back taper as well. Very subtle though.
I'm giving all the edges of the table a little more substantial "rounding" with slightly more "aggressive" or deeper set plane strokes. My thought here is to be safer in case of bumping into corners/accidents, be a little more robust/accepting of bumps and dings from chairs, and leave a slightly stronger "fingerprint" in line with a slightly rustic leaning.
What I also find with this softening of a Shaker style adds a bit of perhaps Scandinavian Modern side to it. Thus far, I like it.

This is a piece that with cross the middle of the table from one long apron to the other. I bored a normal screw hole in the middle of this pieces to pin the table top at the middle. On either end of this piece I used my "slot mortise" set-up to make these elongated holes for a screw to go into the top and "float" with seasonal movement. Pretty neat.

I've made brass brackets again for top attaching at the perimeter of the base. Here I'm treating the edges of the bracket mortises with a small chisel I had made at IP. Keeping these edges simple and slightly rough.

Boof! The base is dry fit to work on some of the leg end grain treatment before pre-finishing. Here you can see how that middle piece I mentioned works.

Here I am getting oily with a Water Lox marine sealer.
I suppose I'm always excited to see work come together, this time is no different. I'm looking forward to see how this all turns out. It is a bit of a different piece, came together fairly quickly, and the most "exacting" designing I did was just a 3/16 scale drawing. Sort of came together under "intuitions" gathered by previous projects and notions.

But hey, lets not forget this guy...
I finally got to the webbing while waiting on oil on the table.
This is the first time I've completely assembled it. The tweaks I made from the chair prototype feel like they paid off.
A cargo van would make my life easier in transporting this around town though :/ heh. Off to the upholsterer, figure out how/where to take some photography, then to its intended residence!

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Jeff Branch said...

Everything looks great. The grain on the table top is quite handsome and speaking of handsome - so is the couch.